Open API: Notice on using banking services via third-party website /App

Open API (Application Programming Interface) allows banks to open up their internal IT systems and data for programmatic access and usage by designated third-party service providers (“TSPs”) under authorization by banks to offer superior and brand-new experience for customers.

Under Open API, TSPs can acquire data and use banking functions, then provide services to users after aggregation. For instance, users can compare deposit rate from different banks on the same platform.

Nanyang Commercial Bank (“NCB") wishes to remind you: To safeguard your personal information, please be cautious when using the related products/services from TSPs and browse NCB website for the list of TSPs partnership with NCB to ensure that the TSPs and related products and services are provided under authorization of NCB in advance.

Please do not disclose your user name and password of your Internet Services and personal information such as ID/passport number and date of birth to TSPs.
Please visit and for more security information and the important notes on precautions of Bogus Voice Message Phone Calls, Fake E-mails, Fraudulent Websites and Fraudulent SMS messages.

TSPs partnered with NCB
NCB is currently liaising with related institutions. Please refer to the most updated list about the TSPs partnership.

Please enjoy below video clip from Hong Kong Monetary Authority about using bank services via website/ applications of TSPs for more precautions about using the related services:


Customer Services Hotline:(852)2622 2633 

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